The Future of Love

March 19, 2013

The future of love

I have been a participant in the Evolutionary Collective for the past year. It’s an experimental gathering of people committed to bringing about A New Paradigm for a Higher Order of Human Relatedness. It is lead by Jeff Carreira and Patricia Albere, and since this blog is about love, I had to write about it here. The Evolutionary Collective is all about Love, with a capital L.

A paradigm is the proverbial box, we usually cannot think outside of, a set of glasses through which we look at absolutely everything. An example of a paradigm shift is Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, a break with all common thought that busted the foundations of physics…

Yesterday I came back from our fourth weekend meeting and only when I woke up this morning and felt everyone still inside of me did I realize, how far out of the normal paradigm we had travelled together.

One of our practices was a tri-logue in which we closed our eyes and allowed ourselves to lean deeply into our own emerging vision of what a new paradigm for relationship would be. Together we described what we found there:

We immediately saw a world in which the fixed contours of our selves had dissolved and instead of thinking of ourselves as bodies, personalities or roles we experienced ourselves as fields of energy, more like mists or clouds of pixels that moved with and through each other in a ceaseless dance. Nothing is fixed in them or all too differentiated, though distinctions are crystal clear. In an unbroken creativity, new possibilities are born moment after moment. Together we saw and described how these fields can envelop and absorb any problem, resistance or doubt and integrate them into their energetic structure (“love them to death,” one of us said).  The kind of technologies this world will be using are very quiet, not distracting from the focus and the pleasure of total connectivity and the resulting fearless and boundless energy and creativity. Instead of viewing our relationships and other people as objects, we live as them, live in the recognition that they are who we are and that without them, we would not exist. We are utterly conscious of the power each of our decision has to influence the dance of the fields and the free flow of energy.

These dancing mists are still alive in me today and are suppressing the habit of re-habituating the usual consciousness of separation and limitation. Even if it sounds crazy, I have no doubt about our vision.

What do you think is the future of love?