Welcome! This is a blog about sex, love, relationship and gender inspired by and in the context of the teachings of Andrew Cohen, called Evolutionary Enlightenment.

What makes us tick the way we do? How can human beings truly live together? What does it even really mean to be human? What does it mean to be a woman today? What is the right realtionship between sex and spirituality? What is Truth and how can it be lived?

All these questions propelled me onto a spiritual pilgrimage that now, thirty years later has lead to some very compelling answers and vistas and new questions. Some of these I am sharing in an upcoming book called Sex,Love and the Search for Meaning, which describes my thirty year journey through three spiritual teachings, four continents and more beds than I counted (though I tried).

The only reason for focusing on the topic of romantic love and sexuality is that after thirteen years of being single, and three years of formal celibacy, I entered into a new relationship last winter, guided by my spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen. In this process, I became more intrigued and curious about the very different approaches my three teachers had towards the subject and discovered that they are a beautiful reflection of cultural development as a whole, pointing toward uplifting and empowering possibilities in an area of life that is by its very nature complex and charged.

I appreciate your comments, thoughts, arguments and questions!


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Hello,
    I found your blog while doing research for my Masters Thesis on Women and Purpose – specifically how finding meaning will enhance our lives and a framework for how to find such purpose.

    Your writing is delightful – funny, charming, thought-provoking. It resonates. Please keep writing!
    All my best,

  2. sexliebesinn Says:

    Carin, thank you very much for writing. Yourr thesis sounds very intriguing and I’d love to read it, when you are done, if that is possible. You might also find more relevant material on evolvewomen.com, a blog run by a group of friends who also have explored this exact topic very deeply. All the best, Uli

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